Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen incredible progress in technology and almost all our everyday gadgets are smaller, faster, and thinner than they were in 2001. Back then, flatscreen TVs were still something of a novelty which were unsophisticated and expensive. Fast-forward to today and flatscreen TVs are sleek, intelligent, and cheap. Whatever era your current TV is from, here are five signs it might be time for an upgrade. 

1. You’re struggling with screen size

Your TV may have been the ideal size for you and your living room. But you might find yourself squinting at the screen and struggling to read any words that appear. If so, a larger screen will certainly help you. 

Consider how much space you have, whereabouts in the room the TV is (or will be), and how far from the TV you are. Screen sizes are commonly anywhere between 32” and 75” (or even bigger), so there’s definitely a model to suit your room.

2. The picture quality isn’t great

Your TV picture quality may look OK to you, with nothing obviously ‘wrong’ with it. But it’s likely to have deteriorated over time and you’re probably missing out on some high-resolution image detail. But while new TVs are High Definition (HD) or HD-ready, there’s an even wider range to choose from.

These include LED, OLED, QLED, 4K, and 8K variations, all giving you an ultra crystal clear picture. Think about what you love to watch most and the TV resolution you might need before choosing a model that gives you the clarity, colour, and brightness you need.

3. The sound quality isn’t great either

Like picture quality, your TVs sound can deteriorate over time too. You might find the clarity of speech is being lost or you can hear some background fuzz or hiss. You might even need to keep turning up the volume. 

Newer TVs, regardless of size, have excellent built-in speakers. But you can also give your new TV some added oomph by investing in a soundbar to deliver high-quality audio with rich bass, clear treble, and all-around amazing sound.

4. You can’t watch the latest programmes

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iPlayer are just some of the premium streaming platforms available giving you access to the latest, and often the best, in small-screen TV shows, movies, sport, and documentaries. If you cant access them through your TV, you should look invest in a Smart TV. 

Luckily, almost every new TV is a Smart TV that connects to your home wifi so you can log in to these built-in streaming apps and watch exceptional TV on demand.

5. You’re having ‘technical’ issues

When TVs go wrong, it can often start slowly before gradually getting worse. Common faults on older TVs can include a flickering screen, picture fading, coloured lines appearing, and total picture or audio loss. Some issues might be repairable while others definitely spell the beginning of the end for your TV.