We’re lucky to live in a time where there are more TV channels and streaming services to choose from than ever. But it’s reasonable to assume, there will be plenty of people in every home wanting to watch different things at the same time. So if you have just one aerial, can you watch more than one TV?

One home, one aerial
Nowadays, whatever viewing platform you use to receive your Freeview TV, live or streamed, there’s more than enough to keep us entertained. So while there’s always plenty of channels to watch, you might well need more than one TV in your home. In fact, you might need three or four.

But the days of having multiple aerials attached to your chimney or the end of your house are, thankfully, long behind us. So however many TVs you want or have, the good news is as long as the room has an aerial point that can connect to your TV, you’ll only ever need one aerial. 

TV aerial splitters
With a good, strong signal coming into your home, it’s possible to divide that one aerial input signal using a TV aerial splitter. This is a common, and the easiest, way to give several rooms in your home access to your Freeview signal so more TVs can take advantage of it. 

A splitter will ‘split’ the aerial signal so it can go into additional rooms without losing any drop in signal quality. A good quality splitter should be more than enough to handle the viewing requirement in most homes. But you can probably split into 4 or more rooms easily if you need to, though this will depend on the signal strength, and occasionally that could use a helping hand.

Using a signal amplifier, or ‘booster’ works together with a standard aerial splitter and connects to boost the signal strength so you receive the best quality picture. If you do have more rooms that need TVs or the signal is a bit weaker, especially if some of the TVs are using longer cables, then an aerial splitter and an amplifier will be a better option. 

Of course, this information is based around domestic properties, but Exeter Aerials also work on commercial buildings and flats and apartment blocks with multiple occupancies. In projects where a strong TV signal is needed in these instances, we use an industrial multi-switch system that has a built-in amplifier for perfect picture quality wherever it’s needed.

Just ask Exeter Aerials
With just one aerial, not only does it look better for your home, or the roof of your commercial or residential building, but there’s also less maintenance to worry about. If something does go wrong, then a single aerial makes troubleshooting and finding faults much easier. Plus, if you do need a replacement aerial for any reason, one is always quicker, easier, and cheaper to replace.

But whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, Exeter Aerials can do all the work for you. Following a site visit to find out what you need, we can give you a free quote that details plans, hardware, and installation work, together with any ongoing service or maintenance requirements.

For a cost-effective, efficient, and quality way to use just one Freeview aerial for multiple TVs in your home, contact Exeter Aerials today for your free quote. Call us on 01392 547 090 or email us at service@exeteraerials.co.uk.