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Communal systems and Maintenance services

Together with residential homes and commercial businesses, Exeter Aerials offers specialist communal TV system installations. With our experience, we’re able to custom-design and build TV and entertainment networks for projects of any size and complexity.

We use only the highest quality equipment and products and we’re fully insured, specially trained to work at height, and have the professional accreditations, credentials, and industry approvals that matter, including:

Our specialist systems installation, maintenance, and repair services are designed to meet and exceed expectations, for you and every resident or workforce. And our work ensures we deliver an excellent reception throughout the entire building without the use of multiple dishes or aerials.

Commercial Rig

IRS (Integrated Reception Systems)

Often favoured by businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition, this advanced communal system, provides Freeview services, as well as satellite – both subscription and non-subscription – FM and DAB radio channels, to give a wider choice of entertainment.

Sky Q Upgrades

Sky Q is the latest in wireless technology from Sky, allowing independent viewing all over your home so you can pause TV in one room and carry on watching in another. The Sky Q box can also double up as a wireless hotspot. Exeter Aerials can easily upgrade your current communal TV set-up so tenants can all take advantage of the latest tech.

Fibre Optic IRS

Generally more cost-effective than standard IRS systems, fibre optic IRS works best on extra long or large-scale systems. Thanks to fibre cables being thinner than standard copper cabling, they’re capable of transmitting more data and information more quickly while using less power. Resulting in a reduced amount of cabling for each premises, but with enhanced quality.

Choosing fibre cables rather than copper cables wherever possible also means you can future proof your property. The next-generation of super HD TVs (4k and beyond) will be common within the next few years and will see technology that pushes current AV distribution cables beyond their capabilities.

Exeter Aerials are well-equipped to carry out cost-effective fibre pre-wiring for you, providing your property with the latest super-fast fibre optic cables while ensuring compatibility with next-gen and future technology.


Maintenance services

Exeter Aerials also offers a range of flexible maintenance and service levels for every installation as well as for any existing systems, maintaining your TV distribution systems, AV systems, and CCTV in any setting.

Each and every one of our new installations are fully covered by warranty for the first 12 months with no hidden charges or extras. We also include one preventative maintenance visit after 6 months to make sure your system and associated components are all working as they should.

We also have a full aftercare service to give you complete peace of mind. So if any system faults should appear, we can be with you as a matter of urgency to get those issues sorted as soon as possible with minimum downtime.

For any existing systems, Exeter Aerials also provides bespoke maintenance packages which include two annual preventative maintenance visits. If you have specific requirements on response times or emergency breakdown cover, tell us and we’ll make sure you’re covered.

Whatever your system or set-up, if you’ve been let down by your current contractor or your contract is up for renewal, for a maintenance package that suits you, contact Exeter Aerials today and we can discuss all your options.

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