My TV Aerial has suddenly stopped working

You come home from a hard day’s work and you sit down to watch a bit of Telly only to see  a “No Signal” message on your TV.I there anything worse? Why Has My TV Aerial Stopped Working? Don’t panic, Exeter Aerials, your local aerial and satellite installation experts are on hand to help but just before you call us lets have a look at a few possible reasons your aerial isn’t working and what you can do to put it right.

1) Is the aerial connected?

It can be as simple as the aerial coming out of the socket, the cat has gone behind the TV or someone was a little over zealous with the dusting. If this is the case you just have to plug it back in.

2) Have you selected the correct source?

One thing about modern TVs, is the amount of inputs they have, HDMI 1,2 AND 3, AUX AND SO ON, have you selected the correct source or is the tv set to one of the unused inputs, It’s so easy to hit the wrong button on the remote control and end up with no signal. So before you start wiggling the wires, check that you are on the correct source on the remote.

3) Is your TV tuned in properly? Does it need re-tuning?

If you have recently moved house or even just moved the TV to a different position or room, then  you might have to retune your TV. Different transmitters operate on different frequencies and it won’t work if your antenna is aligned to the wrong one.

Sometimes you will need to re-tune because a channel has changed numbers, added or removed programmes or changed broadcasting frequencies. Find out more information on re-tuning your TV.

3) Is the aerial or antenna faulty?

So, everything seems to be plugged and tuned in properly, then you you need to have a look at your aerial itself. If it looks damaged, then  it needs replacing, however it could also look fine but is just taking the strain after several years of being battered by the weather. Bearing in mind that the TV industry is moving forward at great speed, it could be time to upgrade anyway, if you are not sure or you would like a replacement Aerial, call the experts at Exeter Aerials.

Aerial engineers

There are many issues that could cause your aerial to stop working, but these are the most common. If you can’t figure out what has gone wrong, then simply call Exeter Aerials on 01392 547090 and we’ll be only too happy to get you comfortably sat down in front of the box once again.