If you’re a Sky subscriber, you’ll already know how good their TV viewing choice is, complete with fantastic picture quality – especially on a 4K UHD TV. But, as with other dish-based satellite TV, you can sometimes suffer from signal issues. If you need to start troubleshooting, use these connection tips to help you get back to full signal strength.

Sky signal issues

A loss of signal to your Sky viewing box can be the result of several different issues. If you’re having problems, always start by checking the Sky Help pages, though you’ll need your Sky user name and password to sign in first.

This is a good place to start, but you might not find the answer you need to fix your problem. If so, try tuning your Sky box off, and unplugging it from the wall. Leave it for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on again (the power light will turn green).

Cable connectivity 

If your picture is still breaking up or pixelated, make sure there are no internal connection issues. Turn your Sky box off again and unplug it as before. Check the cables going into the wall sockets and aerial points as well as the HDMI or SCART cables going into your Sky box. If any cable is loose, pull it out, plug it back in securely, and turn your Sky box on again.

Hardware issues

If your problem continues, you may well see ‘No input’ or ‘No signal’ messages appear on the screen. If your cables are all present and correct, this could be a sign of a hardware problem inside your Sky box. If you need help with this, call us on 01392 547 090 and we can give you further advice to try and pinpoint the problem.

External issues

If you’re seeing a blue screen with error messages saying something like “Your Sky box isn’t getting a satellite signal”, that could mean there are potential connection problems outside or even with the dish itself. Extreme weather like heavy snow or rain, or an electrical storm, can affect even the best signals. If that’s the case, you might just have to ride it out before the signal returns fully.

Problems with your satellite dish 

Sky satellite dishes are good quality and should give you a few good years of service, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay fit for purpose forever. Depending on their position, they and their connections may be affected by wind or rain damage. And if you live in a coastal area, the salt in the air can cause premature dish erosion or rust.

But the usual cause of signal failure can be the misalignment of the dish itself. Extreme weather can be the root cause of this, but it could be something else, like it being knocked out of position accidentally. If the dish doesn’t have a clear line of sight to the satellite, that can cause signal failure.

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